About Us

America's #1 Child Discipline Program!

1-2-3 Magic is the leading resource for parenting solutions that are easy-to-learn and proven to work. Developed by Dr. Thomas Phelan, a registered clinical psychologist and an internationally renowned expert on child discipline and Attention Deficit Disorder.

1-2-3 Magic's books and DVDs include the popular 1-2-3 Magic program, Surviving Your Adolescents and All About Attention Deficit Disorder. Since 1984, Dr. Phelan has spoken to hundreds of thousands of parents and professionals. He continues with a full schedule of parenting seminars today.

We are dedicated to helping parents build strong, positive relationships with their children and overcome the stress that can take the fun out of parenting. We offer easy-to-learn parenting solutions that WORK -- for age groups from toddlers through adolescents.