More 1-2-3 Magic DVD - Encouraging Good Behavior (English/Spanish)

Features Dr. Phelan's seminar presentation and real-life family vignettes on how to encourage positive behavior, independence and self-esteem in children ages 2-12. Includes both English & Spanish tracks.

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In addition to controlling difficult behavior, parents need to know how to encourage good behavior so they can enjoy their children and relate to them with warmth and affection. In the More 1-2-3 Magic presentation in both English & Spanish you will learn how to encourage positive behavior, responsible independence and a healthy self-concept.

Discover easy-to-learn techniques to get your kids to START:

  • Picking up
  • Eating dinner
  • Doing homework
  • Going to bed
  • Staying in bed
  • Doing chores
You will also learn:
  • Three parental qualities that foster competent kids
  • How to encourage and respect your child’s growing independence
  • How to run effective Family Meetings
This DVD features Dr. Phelan's entertaining seminar presentation and real-life family vignettes that reinforce the concepts. Table of Contents Tablas de Contenido

120-minute, high-resolution DVD (CC) includes both English & Spanish tracks.

1-2-3 Magic Book Spanish Edition is also available.

Irene Wood, American Library Association, Booklist

Within 24 hours our home was a different place. Jenny Cowgill, Maroa IL

I just read 1 2 3 Magic last week. Within 24 hours our home was a different place. This book has changed me from an unhappy yelling frustrated mom, into an effective, loving mother. This book has given me the tools I needed to make my children happy! They know where they stand, they have their self respect back, and their self esteem is secure. My 4 yr old, who I thought was moody, negative and angry, is so sweet and docile. She's happy! We're all happy!

1-2-3 Magic has been a life saver for my son and for us...  Margarite Roumas, Ph.D. Southborough, MA

...1-2-3 Magic has been a life saver for my son and for us...Within months, he was a different child! ...You probably get thousands of letters saying how great this system is, and here's another one. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

A favorite among our viewers...  Neil Woulfe, Executive Producer, Chicago's FOX NEWS

A favorite among our viewers, Dr. Phelan offers practical yet innovative advice that both teaches and reassures parents.

1-2-3 Magic saved my marriage and my sanity. Tanya Boone-Alva, Cotati, CA

I have three boys, ages 2, 4 and 8. 1-2-3 Magic saved my marriage and my sanity. I bought the book and the video last fall. As a result, I am proud to say that even when I am completely exhausted from disciplining all three of them all day (yes, I count, yes I am consistent and yes, I am still exhausted), I know in my heart that I have climbed the highest parenting mountain and succeeded without getting a migraine, spanking, yelling or screaming at them. I really feel like I am on top of the world, and I have you to thank.

Happy Customer!! One Very Blessed Mom! Palm Harbor, FL

I am proud to say we have two beautifully well behaved, respectful daughters who frequently comment on other adults' poor parenting skills. Like my mother handed Dr. Spock down to me, (my Dad was the one who'd introduced 1-2-3 Magic when my eldest daughter was about 2...and seemingly incorrigible) I will be handing 1-2-3 Magic down to my girls.

Really works! Sarah H, Elk River, MN

We were amazed at how quickly this book worked with our kids. My husband and I are both educators and had tried everything. But, this made a real difference. We are really a happier family.

Excellent! Nosleep4mommy

This book is wonderful! The strategies are simple, straightforward, & best of all, successful!! I highly recommend this book to everyone who wants to stop fighting/arguing/begging with their kids to behave. I can't say enough about this book- if done correctly, these strategies will work on almost any child.

Effective Discipline Barbara. California City, CA

This book was used in a parenting workshop my husband and I attended. We put it to work and it is working for us. We have a 4yr old.

Life changing for parents & teachers! K. Waters

I admit I was one of those parents that VOWED I'd never count to three with my children because I'd seen it fail so many times in public with other parents! After some desperation, I reluctantly purchased 1 2 3 Magic and it revolutionized our home. I still use it today and they're 11 & 14. It's a relief to be freed from endless debates & yelling! I also use 1 2 3 Magic as a preschool teacher. It's something that kids 2 & up can all understand easily. It gives them the choice...let's them feel that they aren't entirely out of control. It takes most of the wind out of the sails in that age old "battle of the wills" because they are choosing their own outcome.

And folks, guess what? IT works! Susan K. Perry, Ph.D., L.A. Parent Magazine

If your child has begun to rule the roost a bit more than you'd like, this book provides a system to get your family operating smoothly. Especially sensible is Phelan's theory that children shouldn't be argued with endlessly to convince them to do what you want them to do. He also wisely points out the best way to get your child to repeat unwanted behavior is to have a highly emotional reaction to it. The plan is simple, and though it's not quite magic, it may feel like it is. This system is easy to learn, it's clear to both adults and children, and it's easy to use. And folks, guess what? IT works!

"If you only buy one book on child discipline, make it this one!" "linzlou", Chicago, IL

As a pediatric registered nurse and a full-time nanny, I have found this book to be an invaluable resource for anyone responsible for raising children, be they your own or someone else's. It is simple and easy to follow, but very thorough and information-packed. I have used this method of discipline with numerous children of various ages, and have recommended it to the parents of the children I have nannied for. It breaks down discipline into three simple parts - #1 is controlling negative behavior, #2 is encouraging good behavior, and #3 is strengthening your relationship with your children. Put these three parts together and you've got a simple and very effective recipe for well-behaved children. If you only buy one book on child discipline, this book should be it. It contains everything you need to raise polite and well-behaved kids. I give it a big two thumbs up!!

Highly recommended. Editor's Choice. Video Librarian

Dr. Phelan's methods have been proven by hundreds of thousands of children over the years...consider this and Phelan's earlier titles must buys. Highly recommended. Editor's Choice.

Approach truly is, life transforming! Dr. & Mrs. Dan Haycraft, Evanston, IL

...An additional source of frustration and ego deflation was that we are both in "helping professions." I am a marriage & family therapist -- he is a 1st year psychiatry resident. A close friend and colleague had the good fortune to watch me in action with Adam -- took one look and said ... "You need 1-2-3 Magic..." In short—THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! Life has returned to a balanced state--harmony exists--my husband and I are in sync--and we love and enjoy our son even more. He knows "who's in charge"...and at some level, I'm convinced he's delighted to see us so united and not negative. I could go on—just know that your approach truly is, in our case—life transforming.

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