Seminar Topics

Seminar Topics

Thousands of parents, teachers and healthcare professionals have sought the advice and counsel of Dr. Thomas Phelan by attending his informative seminars. He has presented his pragmatic and highly effective approaches to discipline and parenting to hospitals, church groups, mental health centers, support groups and other organizations.

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Seminar Topics Include:

1-2-3 Magic Parenting

This popular and entertaining presentation addresses the difficult task of child discipline with humor, keen insight and proven experience. This award-winning, best selling program provides easy-to-follow steps for disciplining children without yelling, arguing or spanking. You'll also learn how to control obnoxious behavior, the Six Kinds of Testing and Manipulation and how to handle them, and what to do about such issues as chores, practicing, homework, messy rooms, lying and so on.

More 1-2-3 Magic Parenting In the More 1-2-3 Magic seminar, Dr. Phelan explains how to get your children to do the good things you want them to do, such as getting up and out in the morning, eating, going to bed and picking up after themselves. You will also learn practical, down-to-earth strategies for encouraging your children's growing independence and for promoting reasonable, healthy self-esteem.

Surviving Your Adolescents

Living with a teenager is no picnic. There are times when you must bite your tongue as they push towards independence. Or, if you sense there is trouble, there are times when you must take charge. This seminar gives you a step-by-step approach that will help end the hassles and offer concrete solutions. Dr. Phelan's message is concise and encouraging and does not assume that parents of teens have infinite amounts of time, energy or patience.

All About Attention Deficit Disorder

Dr. Phelan provides parents, educators, pediatricians and mental health professionals with the information, tools and emotional support needed to effectively deal with ADD/ADHD. He will present the latest information regarding the description, causes, diagnosis and treatment of ADD/ADHD. He also separates fact from myth about this vastly misunderstood problem.

"I Never Get Anything!

Nonstop badgering...ferocious tantrums...quiet sulking...ominous threats! Children will frequently try to "press their parents' buttons" in order to get their way. In this seminar, Dr. Phelan identifies the Six Kinds of Testing and Manipulation used by youngsters. He provides humorous, practical and down-to-earth solutions on how to handle this behavior.

Self Esteem Revolutions in Children

Parents want their children to grow up with a robust yet realistic self-respect. In this seminar, Dr. Phelan explains how self-esteem actually works and offers understandable and effective methods to help children gain self-respect. Self-Esteem Revolutions in Children describes the sweeping changes - or revolutions-that youngsters experience as they grow up. Dr. Phelan explains why gimmicks and good intentions must be replaced by the hard work of both parents and children.