"I have three boys, ages 2, 4 and 8. 1-2-3 Magic saved my marriage and my sanity. I bought the book and the video last fall. As a result, I am proud to say that even when I am completely exhausted from disciplining all three of them all day (yes, I count, yes I am consistent and yes, I am still exhausted), I know in my heart that I have climbed the highest parenting mountain and succeeded without getting a migraine, spanking, yelling or screaming at them. I really feel like I am on top of the world, and I have you to thank. Warm Regards, Tanya Boone-Alva"

Tanya Boone-Alva - Cotati, CA

"I was absolutely thrilled about the life changing results that occurred immediately after reading your book and watching the video with my (then) young children.

As a divorced dad, who was an admitted yeller before I met and heard Dr. Phelan the first time. I haven't yelled at either of my children since. They were five and two at the time of the first seminar. They are 14 and 10 now !!

I actually bought a copy of the book for my ex-wife, who I was not friendly with at the time, and asked her to read the book and apply the techniques for the benefit of our children. She worked! The rest is amazing history...."

Jon, a divorced father of two - Fort Wayne, IN


"I just read 1 2 3 Magic last week. Within 24 hours our home was a different place. This book has changed me from an unhappy yelling frustrated mom, into an effective, loving mother. This book has given me the tools I needed to make my children happy! They know where they stand, they have their self respect back, and their self esteem is secure. My 4 yr old, who I thought was moody, negative and angry, is so sweet and docile. She's happy! We're all happy! I really cannot thank Dr. Phelan enough. Nothing in my life has had such an impact on me. My own upbringing was not good, and so I didn't have the tools I needed to be a good parent. And it's helped me on a personal level as well. Because I'm a calmer more thoughtful mother, I'm a calmer, more thoughtful person. It's effects are far reaching. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! I tell everyone about this book. It has truly transformed our lives."

Jenny Cowgill - Maroa, IL


Happy Customer!!

"I am proud to say we have two beautifully well behaved, respectful daughters who frequently comment on other adults' poor parenting skills. Like my mother handed Dr. Spock down to me, (my Dad was the one who'd introduced 1-2-3 Magic when my eldest daughter was about 2...and seemingly incorrigible) I will be handing 1-2-3 Magic down to my girls.

Sometimes we take for granted the help we receive from perfect strangers! I wanted to share my deepest gratitude to Dr. Phelan and his staff for simplifying our young parenting days and giving our children such stability through his advice. I appreciate how important it is to have both parents on "the same page" and willing to implement these tactics, and I was fortunate enough to have both scenarios at hand. Although, I must say, my husband was much better at getting the ball rolling than I was!!

Thank you again for your wonderful resources."

One Very Blessed Mom! Palm Harbor, FL


"...1-2-3 Magic has been a lifesaver for my son and for us...Within months, he was a different child! ...You probably get thousands of letters saying how great this system is, and here's another one. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. "

Margarite Roumas, Ph.D. - Southborough, MA


"Since my husband & I have been using 1-2-3 Magic, my children have been more cooperative in everything they do. They are much happier and I actually wake up wanting to be with them instead of dreading the moment their little eyes open. I tell everyone how great it is and the parents that have used it all agree... It saved all of our lives."

Mother - Franklin, NY


"First, I want to say how grateful I am, as both a physician and mother of five children (three of whom have ADHD!) for your splendid publications. I shudder to think about the emotional shape my family could be in had we not used 1-2-3 Magic as our discipline plan. It has been so successful for us that we bought several copies over the years for our friends, family members and some of my dearest patients. What a relief to stumble across a program that preserves the dignity of the child, maintains the self-control of both disciplinarian and child and is actually easy to remember at those time when memory is the first thing to go! ...and again, my deepest thanks for your contributions to the sanity of parents the world over."



"...An additional source of frustration and ego deflation was that we are both in 'helping professions.' I am a marriage & family therapist -- he is a 1st year psychiatry resident. A close friend and colleague had the good fortune to watch me in action with Adam -- took one look and said ... 'You need 1-2-3 Magic...' In short---THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! Life has returned to a balanced state--harmony exists--my husband and I are in sync--and we love and enjoy our son even more. He knows 'who's in charge'...and at some level, I'm convinced he's delighted to see us so united and not negative. I could go on--just know that your approach truly is, in our case—life transforming."

Dr. & Mrs. Dan Haycraft - Evanston, IL


"...I'm still having great success helping the parents in my community here in Wuerzburg, Germany better manage the behaviors of their children via your parenting techniques. And by the way, it still works great for my family; Katie 7, Christopher 5, and Gregory 2 years old."

Pediatrician - Wuerzburg, Germany


"I have watched your video 1-2-3 Magic about 200 times, and I look to you as a mentor, someone that understands what I am going through. ...The things that you said made me feel like I wasn't crazy or nuts. ...Dr. Phelan, you are doing an outstanding job! Thank you for your contribution to society! You’ve really made a huge impact on me and the way I feel about being a mom!"

Miriam B – Lakeland, FL


"...your no nonsense, no emotion approach has been like an enormous gift to us!"

Mother - Naperville, IL


"...It seems I'm constantly telling friends and strangers of this program. We have never used a discipline program that worked as well as this. ... Yours is 100% effective for us and I love how it has eliminated the anger in my husband and I at the boys."

Mrs. Laura O. - Rolling Meadows, IL


"I finally viewed the 1-2-3 Magic video and tried it out on my 8 year old step-son .... I am amazed at how well it worked immediately! Now it's only been a short time, but I'm very happy with it...I plan to recommend the video to my patients now that I've seen it and tried it out."

William L. E., M.D., - Bloomingdale, IL


"...The bickering, the whining and the rest of the bad habits have been drastically reduced. (There have been lapses but only when we begin to 'reason' again.) The 'acid test' was Christmas vacation. It was so enjoyable that I actually missed them when they went back to school."

Sandra & Joe S – Lakeland, FL


"We run a programme for children with behavioural problems and use the 1-2-3 Magic system very successfully. [Dr. Phelan's] enthusiasm is infectious and makes us even more determined to encourage the parents of the children we care for to use 1-2-3 Magic. From a personal point of view I wish dearly I had known about this as my children were growing up. I used a lot of the discipline techniques in a rather unstructured way i.e., counting, docking etc., but unfortunately I did not know about positive reinforcement. I now have an 11 week old grandson and intend to encourage my daughter to learn about and use 1-2-3 Magic. Does this point to a convert or what?"

Miriam Higgins, Preschool Administrator - Gillingham Kent, England


"I thoroughly enjoyed watching your video 1-2-3 Magic...your sense of humor is great! And I know the 1-2-3 works! I'm advertising your tape to everyone I know."



"...The feedback we have gotten (we also use 123 Magic for families who come in for counseling services) has been incredible. Many parents report rapid change in their children's behavior when they begin the program. An added bonus is the parents learn how to curtail their yelling and screaming now that they have a new approach to use. Personally, I have found that your program is helpful and informative in assisting us with our own two year-old-son."

Certified Alcoholism Counselor - Howell, NJ


"...I have shared the copy [1-2-3 Magic] I have with our staff and they are extremely impressed with the content of your book, the ease of application and the clarity it provides for families dealing with difficult situations. Thank you, for presenting such emotionally charged situations in a clear, concise and manageable technique."

Dennis A. Hunyadi, Psychologist - Kalamazoo, MI


"Thanks for making these concepts available to practitioners like myself, teachers and parents. These materials are true 'Lifesavers!'"

Licensed Social Worker - Knoxville, TN


"I have already received your 1-2-3 Magic book and videotape, and I am very impressed with it. I have copied your order form and attached the note 'HIGHLY RECOMMENDED' to it, and left the copies in my waiting room. This information has been very well received and actually works!"

Beverly H., LCSW, North Beach Counseling Services - Va. Beach, VA