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1-2-3 Magic: Newsletters

​Your Child’s Self-Esteem: 5 Key Building Blocks

October 11, 2016 4354 Views No comments

When your kids are adults their self-esteem will be an important barometer of how well life is going for them, and if they are going to maintain a realistic and healthy self-respect, two things will be required: 1) reasonable, real-world success and 2) a fair internal judge. Your youngsters will need to get along with other people, some of whom are kind and some of whom are obnoxious. They’ll need to find some kind of satisfying work—at home or outside. They must also learn to manage and care for the only body they’ll ever have, and life will frequently demand effort, guts and self-control.

While your children are working on all this, they’ll also need to learn to judge themselves fairly, without indulging in either exaggerated self-criticism or unjustified self-congratulation.

Just how do you prepare your children for the real world, and how do you prepare them to manage the life-long struggle for self-esteem?

​Worried about your Teens? Ten Years from Now...

September 8, 2016 6594 Views 1 comment

Someday your 2 to 12-year-olds will turn into teenagers. Or maybe you have a teen or two now. When your teenagers are acting up, it’s easy to get worried about how these “kids” are going to turn out when they grow into adults. Or whether they will even make it to adulthood in the first place? If so, will they be able to survive on their own?

Here are a few thoughts that might help you in understanding your children better as they progress into their teenage years.

Three Tips to Stop Tantrums and Meltdowns

July 18, 2016 1424 Views No comments

You’re in your least favorite aisle of the grocery store: Aisle 5. That’s the candy aisle. Your four-year-old daughter is screaming at you full blast because she’s very upset that you would not allow her to have the candy bar she had sweetly pointed out. She’s stuck in the cart, but you’re sure she can be heard all throughout the store. It feels like a crowd is slowly gathering to see how you’re going to handle the situation.

Does this situation sound familiar? Of all the behavioral problems parents face from their children, temper tantrums are probably the most upsetting as well as the hardest to manage. Major meltdowns may also be the most potent tool kids have when it comes to training their parents to do what the children want.

Kids’ meltdowns often produce a painful feeling of temporary insanity in parents. This awful feeling, in turn, can produce horrible screaming matches and sometimes even physical abuse.

Understanding ADHD: A Quick Look

June 22, 2016 767 Views No comments

Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a chronic condition in which core symptoms of excessive inattentiveness, impulsivity and hyperactivity cause significant impairments in a person's school, work, social and home life. ADHD is a huge problem for a number of reasons.

ADHD is very common. Recent studies put the prevalence of ADHD at 5-7% of children and 3-5% of adults. Most of the time ADHD does not go away, and lifelong management is therefore necessary. ADHD also appears to be universal: This disorder has been found in every country or culture in which it has been investigated.

Tackling the Homework Problem

May 12, 2016 679 Views No comments

Homework civil wars can make school nights miserable for the whole family. Schoolwork battles can go on for two, three, or four hours a night. People begin to dread the evening, relationships become more strained, and the child in question learns to hate schoolwork more and more.

Luckily, there are a number of things you can do to make homework time more tolerable and efficient. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about tackling the homework problem.

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