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Fall 2021

Dinnertime Tuesday, Oct. 5   

How to establish a good plan for eating together; tips to eliminate nagging at the table by making sure your kids are ready to eat; getting your kids to eat more spontaneously and naturally.

When Kids Tell Lies Thursday, Oct. 7
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Kids' Misbehavior & Maternal Depression Tuesday, Oct. 12

What does recent research say about the behavior-depression connection?; What usually happens to the almost universal goal of a big, happy family?; How do working moms differ from stay at home moms?; What can a woman do to escape the prison of depression?

Encouraging Positive Behavior Wednesday, Oct. 13
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Manager Mom Thursday, Oct. 14

What is the Manager Mom Epidemic?; How did we get to this point?; What are some of the side effects of this?; What do we do about it

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Whining & Pouting Tuesday, Oct. 19
What causes whining and pouting; What choices kids have when confronted with parental requests How adults accidentally reinforce whining and pouting; How to manage your own audio and video responses; How and when consequences can help. Register Here
All About ADHD Wednesday, Oct. 20
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Encouraging Positive Behavior Thursday, Oct. 21
The difference between Start and Stop behaviors; Seven tactics to encourage Start behaviors; How to take that Start (good) behavior to the next level and teach your kids not only to listen, but to take initiative Register Here
Anger Management for Parents Tuesday, Oct. 26
How parental anger interacts with child discipline strategies; How talking, negotiating and arguing affect your level of exasperation and mental health; How you can use your irritation constructively!; The relationship between your anger and parental self-esteem; How to hone your parenting skills Register Here
The Six Kinds of Testing & Manipulation
Wednesday, Oct. 27
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All About ADHD
Thursday, Oct. 28
The basic symptoms of ADHD and their effects on school, home and peer relationships; The different types of ADHD
Nine indicators that predict the future of children with ADHD; The latest information on medication treatmentCounseling, school interventions, behavior management, social skills training
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