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More than 1.8 million parents have gotten help from 1-2-3 Magic, the #1 child discipline program in the country. Of all the behavioral problems parents face, temper tantrums may be the most frustrating as well as the hardest to manage. Solve the aggravating problem of tantrums with simple, friendly, effective child discipline.

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The Tantrums! Quick Reference Guide provides you with a brand new perspective and a specific, straightforward management plan for this aggravating problem.

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Parenting Tips: Discipline With An Audience

Picture this: you've had a hectic day—all that's left is one quick stop at the grocery store. You know this is not the best time to take your five-year-old, but you have no choice. 

Your youngster loses it. Stomping his feet and waving his arms, he shouts at you at the top of his lungs. It feels as though an unsympathetic crowd is gathering.

What do you do now? Beg? Argue? Hide? Leave? Throw a tantrum of your own?

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Three Tips to Stop Tantrums And Meltdowns

Of all the behavioral problems parents face from their children, temper tantrums are probably the most upsetting as well as the hardest to manage. Major meltdowns may also be the most potent tool kids have when it comes to training their parents to do what the children want.

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True or False? Kids’ self-esteem and creativity are both higher when they can “do their own thing” and they are not exposed to external limits imposed by adult authority.

Believe it or not, this statement is false. A number of studies have come up with the conclusion—which makes sense when you think about it—that kids feel better about themselves and perform better, creatively and otherwise, when they learn the boundaries for reasonable behavior.

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1-2-3 Magic Works, and Works Quickly

Evidenced based 1-2-3 Magic: Effective Discipline for Children 2-12 has sold over 1.8 million copies and has been translated into more than 20 languages. This parenting program is a quick hitter—it works, and it works quickly. Parents are in charge, without any arguing, yelling, or hitting.

1-2-3 Magic gives parents and families the tools to use in every situation, including advice for common problems such as:

  • Temper Tantrums
  • Going to Bed and Staying There
  • Whining & Pouting
  • Silbling Rivalry
  • And More…
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