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Managing Difficult Behavior

Managing Difficult Behavior

When your child is upset, anxious or angry, keeping your cool is half the battle. It’s a way for you to put out the fire by throwing water on the flames, rather than fan it by adding more fuel from your own emotional tank. 1-2-3 Magic helps parents manage difficult child behavior by providing solutions that help reduce emotional stress, make better decisions, and not respond with a knee-jerk reaction when your child pushes your buttons.

  1. 1-2-3 Parenting with Heart


    Complete with relevant Bible verses, explanations, and exercises, this effective guide builds on the enormously popular 1-2-3 Magic discipline system by addressing the concerns of a Christian parent.

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  2. 1-2-3 Magic: 3-Step Discipline for Calm, Effective, and Happy Parenting (6th Edition)

    $15.99 As low as: $12.99

    This book is great for the new parent learning, the frustrated parent at their wits end, or the seasoned parent looking for a few new ideas.” — David

    1-2-3 Magic: 3-Step Discipline for Calm, Effective, and Happy Parenting provides easy-to-learn parenting techniques and practical advice for parents of children ages 2–12.

    This award-winning, bestselling book in a new edition is now even easier to use with an updated internal design that is user-friendly and has more visual interest. The 6th Edition is more engaging and browse-able for the reader. We’ve also added a handy new index.

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  3. 1-2-3 Magic Family Package

    Special Price $74.69

    Regular Price: $105.78

    This brand new package includes everything your family needs to get started, including:

    • 1-2-3 Magic: Effective Discipline for Children 2-12 (6th Edition)
    • 1-2-3 Magic DVD: Managing Difficult Behavior & More 1-2-3 Magic DVD: Encouraging Good Behavior
    • 1-2-3 Magic Starter Kit
    • 1-2-3 Magic for Kids

    Additionally, you will receive a FREE Gift: Bedtime and Nighttime Waking Laminated Quick Reference Guide

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  4. 1-2-3 Magic Teen (4th Edition) & DVD Package

    Special Price $24.99

    Regular Price: $35.94

    Living with a teenager is no picnic.

    There are times when you must bite your tongue as they push towards independence. Or, if you sense there is trouble, there are times when you must take charge. The Surviving Your Adolescents Book & DVD Package gives parents a step-by-step approach that will help end the hassles and offer concrete solutions.

    This value package includes:

    •  1-2-3 Magic Teen (4th Edition)
    •  Surviving Your Adolescents DVD

    Living with adolescents doesn’t have to drive you crazy!

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  5. 1-2-3 Magic DVD (English/Spanish)

    Special Price $19.95

    Regular Price: $39.95

    This method of classroom and home discipline works. It is a self-check for the child. It is amazing how children intuitively know what to do after I began using this method. The DVD helps to understand the method in practice. I got so much more from the video than the book alone.” — Amazon Princess

    Dr. Phelan's humorous and entertaining seminar presentation, a live audience, and real-life family vignettes, this two-hour DVD covers Parenting Job #1: controlling obnoxious behavior.

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  6. 1-2-3 Magic Starter Kit

    $29.95 As low as: $24.95

    The 1-2-3 Starter Kit is specially designed to make 1-2-3 Magic fun for the kids while still giving parents all the benefits of the 1-2-3 Magic program!

    It’s a great way to add some excitement into explaining the new rules! This colorful and convenient accessory kit contains ten great tools to help you get started with—or restarted with!—the 1-2-3 Magic program.

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  7. More 1-2-3 Magic DVD (English/Spanish)

    Special Price $19.95

    Regular Price: $39.95

    I found the DVD version of 1-2-3 Magic, and my son and I watched it together…he was 3½ at this point and ruled the house. The first few days using 1-2-3 Magic seemed worse because he did not like that I was actually sticking to my threats. Then after two weeks I felt like an entirely new child has emerged!!!“ — B. F. Mason

    The More 1-2-3 Magic DVD covers Parenting Job #2: encouraging good behavior and Parenting Job #3: strengthening your relationships with your children.

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  8. 1-2-3 Magic Audio CD

    $24.95 As low as: $16.03

    If you can only read one parenting book, read this one. Yes, the methods are simple; but they are effective. They help you to set clear rules and boundaries which a two year old can understand and a twelve year old can respect.” — Mary

    Featuring the actual soundtrack from the two 1-2-3 Magic DVDs, this convenient 4-CD set covers the complete 1-2-3 Magic program (all three parenting jobs). You won’t need to be a master of child psychology to understand the simple steps and get results quickly. Perfect for the car—learn 1-2-3 Magic on your way to work!

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  9. Tantrums! – Managing Meltdowns in Public and Private

    $9.95 As low as: $7.95

    "This book helped restore peace in our house. We have not had one stressed out screaming match in the months since using the techniques found in this book. The best part is feeling more connected to our daughter since we're not so drained from dealing with constant tantrums." —Amanda

    2015 Feathered Quill Award Winner First Place, Parenting Category

    As upsetting as they can be, and as difficult as they are to manage, young kids’ temper tantrums are usually simply a primitive response to good parenting. In this book we’ll get you ready to manage your youngster’s tantrums more effectively, both in public and in private.

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  10. Tantrums! DVD

    $12.95 As low as: $9.99

    A straightforward Battle Plan for handling tantrums

    Of all the behavioral problems parents face from their children, temper tantrums may be the most upsetting as well as the hardest to manage. Major meltdowns may also be the most potent tool kids have when it comes to training their parents to do what the children want. Moms and dads who have learned to fear tantrums have an extremely difficult time maintaining control of their own homes. 

    This humorous and engaging presentation to a live studio audience provides you with a specific, down-to-earth management strategy for dealing with kids’ meltdowns.

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