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Classroom Discipline

Classroom Discipline

Nothing can undermine a classroom environment more quickly than a host of minor disruptive behaviors. Effective classroom management starts at the beginning of the year when a teacher clearly and respectfully lays out behavior standards and methods for handling misbehavior. 1-2-3 Magic provides proven strategies and solutions to help educators and teachers create a climate that's conducive to learning.

  1. 1-2-3 Magic in the Classroom

    $15.99 As low as: $12.99

    “lf you only have time to read one book about managing student behavior, make it this one. This is the book I keep referring back to.” — Angela Traynor

    Being a teacher can be one of the most rewarding professions, but also one of the most frustrating. Many teachers feel very prepared to instruct students in their chosen subjects, but don't have quite as much training in managing classroom discipline-yet experienced educators know that if challenging behavior goes unchecked, the entire year can be disrupted. 1-2-3 Magic in the Classroom shows teachers how to establish and maintain good discipline habits in their classrooms through an easy-to-understand program that you'll swear "works like magic."

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  2. Quick Reference Guide Collection

    Special Price $49.95

    Regular Price: $71.55

    These beautifully illustrated, user-friendly Quick Reference Guides present practical strategies for nine of today’s hottest parenting topics.  

    •  Tantrums!
    •  Big Dog vs. Underdog Parenting Styles
    •  Bedtime and Nighttime Waking
    •  Apologies
    •  Whining & Pouting
    •  Room Wreckers
    •  Homework
    •  When Parents Expect Too Much
    •  Dinnertime

    This collection includes all nine laminated Quick Reference Guides in a sturdy, colorful binder.

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  3. 1-2-3 Magic for Teachers Presentation Package


    Learn how to apply America’s #1 child discipline program in your school. This Presentation Package provides everything you need to train one teacher, five teachers or your entire staff at one low price.

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  4. 1-2-3 Magic for Teachers Participant Booklets


    1-2-3 Magic for Teachers Participant Booklets—33 page Adobe slide presentation with room for notes.

    Package of 25

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  5. 1-2-3 Magic for Teachers Book & DVD Package

    Special Price $24.99

    Regular Price: $35.94

    The 1-2-3 Magic for Teachers Book & DVD Package provides everything you need to get started with this engaging, humorous program and is guaranteed to make classroom discipline less exhausting. It explains in straightforward language exactly how teachers can establish and maintain reasonable control of their classrooms, focus on the academics, and enjoy their time with their students.

    This package includes:

    •  1-2-3 Magic for Teachers Book
    •  1-2-3 Magic for Teachers DVD

    This is the perfect package to help teachers establish and maintain reasonable control of their classrooms, and get back to focusing on the academics, and be able to spend more time enjoying their time with their students.

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  6. 1-2-3 Magic for Teachers DVD

    Special Price $19.95

    Regular Price: $39.95

    Every teacher needs this. Yes! Every teacher needs this in their personal library. I re-read this every summer to prepare myself for the new year.” — Film Collector

    1-2-3 Magic for Teachers comes to life on DVD! Shot on location with real teachers, real students and professional talent, this humorous and engaging three-hour program shows how teachers can maintain classroom discipline, focus on learning and enjoy their students.

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  7. Homework

    $8.95 As low as: $7.49

    When homework battles occur every evening, family relationships can be strained severely and the youngster in question learns primarily one thing: How to hate school work more and more.

    In the 1-2-3 Magic Homework Quick Reference Guide you will learn:

    •  How to use natural consequences when appropriate
    •  How to set up an effective daily homework routine
    •  What to avoid: Spur-of-the-Moment Requests
    •  How to do the "rough checkout"
    •  The positive negative positive technique
    •  An excellent 5-point charting system for homework

    Homework may not always be pleasant, but it should not be a daily grind. This Quick Reference Guide will help you get your children into the “Self-Starter” mode and may also revolutionize your relationship.

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  8. 1-2-3 Magic for Teachers Leader Guide Package


    Learn how to apply America’s #1 child discipline program in your school. This Leader Guide Package provides everything you need.

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