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1-2-3 Magic: Parenting Tips

Ask Dr. Phelan: Aggressive in Timeout

February 28, 2019 1295 Views No comments

Today we have a question from Erin who has her hands full.

Q: What should I do with a child who gets aggressive when it’s time for a timeout?

She writes, “I have a four-year-old who gets very aggressive when he gets to a three-count and needs a timeout. He does not go willingly to his room for the timeout, and he gets angry, scratches, hits, and pulls my hair when I attempt to escort him to timeout. If I do get him to his room, he'll kick the door for the duration of his timeout...

Ask Dr. Phelan: 1-2-3 Magic and Special Needs

February 28, 2019 334 Views No comments

Our question today has to do with special-needs children in 1-2-3 Magic. It's from Loretta and it goes like this:

“We have found the structure and less emotional aspects of 1-2-3 Magic to be incredibly helpful in working with our child with autism, although we do have to modify the count to give a couple of reminders when we're at 2. Ultimately, our child is able to self-correct and save the situation. This has been so helpful for us all...”

Q: Do you have any other tips or suggestions for kids who need a little more support with transitions or other advice for parents of children with special needs?

Ask Dr. Phelan: Getting Kids to Listen

February 15, 2019 653 Views No comments

Today we have a question from Stephanie, a pediatric nurse practitioner.

Q: How do I get my child to listen?

She says, “One of the biggest questions I get from my parents is, what is the best way to get your child to listen, and stop arguing or trying to get the last word in? What would you recommend?”

​ Ask Dr. Phelan: Parents Losing Their Temper

February 15, 2019 230 Views No comments

Q: “Dr. Phalen, we have a five-year-old daughter and an eight-year-old boy. We've been trying to do 1-2-3 Magic for many months. My wife and I have a hard time staying patient, especially after telling the kids the same things several times over. We find ourselves raising our voices. I know that we're basically having a temper tantrum ourselves, and it's counter-productive, but we still struggle. Can you offer any tips?”

Ask Dr. Phelan: Talking Back

February 15, 2019 442 Views No comments

Q: Stephanie writes, “My three-year-old constantly talks back. He tells us ‘no’ constantly, and he has no respect. He constantly tries to escape from timeout. We have to hold him on the step, and two minutes later he's doing the same thing.”

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