ADHD + Kids and Screens

April 8, 2022

Living with ADHD is difficult. Since the problem is largely genetic, it often happens that families have both adults as well as children who have this disorder. This can make daily interactions even harder. Dr. Phelan talks about some of the stressors families of kids with ADHD face and what to do about them. He also discusses kids and screens!

In this video, Dr. Phelan answers these questions:

  • What kind of stresses does having an ADHD child at home create for the family?
  • What sort of unique challenges might an ADHD parent with an ADHD child face?
  • What sort of expectations should parents be keeping in mind?
  • What about medication?
  • Are there good behavior management strategies as well?

Dr. Phelan also answers some questions about a popular topic: kids and screens. He discusses the below questions:

  • What are we looking at in terms of screen time averages for kids?
  • Are there any upsides to screen time for kids?


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