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Parenting Tips Blog

Ask Dr. Phelan: Firing Manager Mom

February 15, 2019 271 Views No comments

Q: What do you do with a husband who is a real traditionalist? Housework, child care, cleaning discipline, etc. all fall to the female in the household. That's the way he says he was raised.

Ask Dr. Phelan: Using 1-2-3 Magic with ADHD and ODD

February 15, 2019 841 Views No comments

Q: In your DVDs and books, do you cover challenges to parenting children diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and/or ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder)?

Ask Dr. Phelan: 3 Parenting Jobs

February 15, 2019 263 Views No comments

Q: What about the parent that doesn't have time to read a 300-page book to get their child under control?

Firing Manager Mom: How Today's Busy Mom Can Get Her Life Back

January 10, 2019 2903 Views No comments

Manager Mom Syndrome: a phenomenon in which the mother's supervision, direction, and monitoring are seen as constantly essential for a smoothly running home. In this scenario, Mom is Family President, Chief Servant, and First Responder.

The goal of Manager Mom is to get the work done now and to get it done right. Unfortunately, this agenda has several negative consequences. First, children are seen as a series of daily jobs that need to get done—rather than as people to be enjoyed—and their independence is squashed. Second, Dad falls into the role of Mom's "helper," but he is often perceived as not carrying his load with regard to childcare and household tasks. And third, Manager Mom Syndrome often means that Mom feels overwhelmed.

According to Dr. Thomas W. Phelan, the solution to Firing Manager Mom is to change our basic family model. Read on to find out how you can accomplish this in your own home.

Help for ADHD: The Divide and Conquer Routine

October 5, 2018 4129 Views No comments

Before they had kids, most couples dreamed of what they hoped their family life would be like. They imagined pleasant scenes of family togetherness, warmth and joy. Then, along came ADHD. These visions of interpersonal heaven did not materialize often, and when they did, they were frequently marred by anticipatory anxiety and angry explosions. But positive interactions between family members are possible, just usually not when the whole family is together. Learn about the Divide and Conquer Routine and how it can help your family.

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