Understanding Your Teen

Understanding Your Teen

Ah, the teenager. That curious creature who used to be your sweet, cuddly, chatterbox child is now a sometimes-sullen almost-adult. What happened? Why did they change?

Teens are looking for independence and a lot of times parents have a hard time giving that to them, whether because they actually don't trust their teens, or because they still see their teen as a child. And believe us, your teenager knows. And they don't like it.

Have you ever had a dinnertime conversation that went something like this?

Parent: How was your day?

Teen: Fine.

Parent: What did you do?

Teen: Nothing.

Parent: What did you learn in school?

Teen: Nothing.

Parent: Nothing?!

Teen: [rolls eyes]

Well, you've just experienced the Adolescent Snub.

This week, Dr. Phelan talks about:

  • The ways that your teen is changing

  • How that changes your level of control AND your job as a parent
  • What your teen hears when you ask what they did in school (and why they dislike it)
  • Ways to have an actual, pleasant conversation at the dinner table

Watch the video below for advice on dealing with your teen!

March 18, 2021
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