What Is 1-2-3 Magic?

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Whether you have yet to start using 1-2-3 Magic or want a refresher,this video with Dr. Phelan will help to outline exactly what the 1-2-3 Magic program is and how it can help in your home.


In this video Dr. Phelan answers:

  • What is 1-2-3 Magic?
  • How does it help?

What Is 1-2-3 Magic?
The world's simplest discipline program for parents with children 2-12 years old. It's the only parenting program based on the fact that parents talk too much! Parents default to talking and reasoning when facing bad behaviour but this often makes the problem worse--they see reasoning as nagging. 1-2-3 Magic introduces a counting system when bad behavior, like tantrums, break out.

What Is It About 1-2-3 Magic That Works So Well?
When you're planning a response to a discipline situation, you need solutions that are not just talking. 1-2-3 Magic's counting system is a "signaling" system, not a talking one. 1-2-3 Magic is also utilized by parents of children with learning disabilities, ADHD, and mental health diagnosis to help them discourage bad behavior and encourage good behavior when talking just doesn't work. 


Hopefully this program is helpful! If you need more help with challenges like discouraging bad behaviour, 1-2-3 Magic is a great resource. We also have an on-demand seminar on Managing Difficult Behavior that you can watch and start using right away.

September 10, 2021
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