What to do About Social Anxiety Disorder?

What to do About Social Anxiety Disorder?

What to do About Social Anxiety Disorder?

Most people feel nervous in at least some social situations. Asking someone for a date or giving a presentation may cause feelings of butterflies in your stomach.

But in social anxiety disorder—or social phobia—ordinary social interactions can cause significant anxiety, fear, self-consciousness and embarrassment. This discomfort comes from fearing the scrutiny and negative judgments of other people.

Last week we talked about what that looks like in adults and kids, at what age it might show up, and how it can affect your everyday life.

This week we’re talking about what you can do about it.

Social Anxiety Disorder (or social phobia) is a chronic mental health condition, but it is very treatable. This week, Dr. Phelan talks about how to learn coping skills, what types of treatments can be most helpful, and how those things can help both adults and kids to enjoy life more!

This week we're discussing:

  • The two ways people respond to Social Anxiety Disorder/social phobia
  • Steps to finding a therapist
  • What treatment options are
  • How to motivate someone (even yourself) to face this problem
January 14, 2021
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