All About Attention Deficit Disorder DVD

Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment: Children and Adults

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Published: August 2004
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All About Attention Deficit Disorder DVD is a comprehensive program that gives parents, teachers, pediatricians and mental health professionals the facts and resources they need to effectively deal with ADHD.

Interviews and commentary from both parents as well as children with ADHD, provide deep personal insight into the effects of this widespread disorder.

In straightforward language, Dr. Phelan addresses:

  • Basic symptoms of ADHD
  • Effects on school, work, home and social life
  • Causes and typical developmental course
  • Seven indicators to predict the future
  • How to diagnose ADHD
  • How to avoid the critical error in ADHD diagnosis
  • How to treat ADHD through counseling, school interventions, behavior management and medication

193 minute color presentation (CC)

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  • CD/DVD
  • Size: 5" x 7"
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