Whining & Pouting

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Published: April 2015
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Children’s whining and pouting can drive some parents to distraction. There are a few youngsters who deserve academy awards for their performances! Many parents dread saying “no” to their kids—or not giving the children what they want—because of the threat of the Whining and Pouting Tidal Wave that will result.

As aggravating as whining and pouting are, they can be managed.

In the Whining & Pouting Quick Reference Guide you will learn:

  • What causes whining and pouting
  • What choices kids have when confronted with parental requests
  • How adults accidentally reinforce whining and pouting
  • How to manage your own audio and video responses
  • How and when consequences can help.

In Whining & Pouting, Dr. Phelan explains that these aggravating behaviors are not really the end of the world, but actually normal kids protests that can be managed effectively with a calm, decisive and consistent strategy.

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