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Special Offer, Just for Doctors

Special Offer, Just for Doctors

Get your FREE referral cards today! Plus, use code DOCSAMPLE at checkout to get a FREE Quick Reference Guide of your choice!

Sturdy, colorful, and beautifully-illustrated, these user-friendly Quick Reference Guides use practical strategies to simplify complex problems and highlight easy-to-learn and effective solutions to many of today’s hottest parenting topics.

Each QRG is laminated and 3-hole punched for durability and convenience.

Topics are ideal for training and professional development, as well as for parent reference.

PLUS, every Quick Reference Guide includes a link to exclusive video content!

  1. 1-2-3 Magic Patient Referral Cards


    Refer patients to 1-2-3 Magic programs using these business-card-size Patient Referral Cards. Includes one set of 50 cards.

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  2. Homework

    $8.95 As low as: $7.49

    When homework battles occur every evening, family relationships can be strained severely and the youngster in question learns primarily one thing: How to hate school work more and more.

    In the 1-2-3 Magic Homework Quick Reference Guide you will learn:

    •  How to use natural consequences when appropriate
    •  How to set up an effective daily homework routine
    •  What to avoid: Spur-of-the-Moment Requests
    •  How to do the "rough checkout"
    •  The positive negative positive technique
    •  An excellent 5-point charting system for homework

    Homework may not always be pleasant, but it should not be a daily grind. This Quick Reference Guide will help you get your children into the “Self-Starter” mode and may also revolutionize your relationship.

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  3. Tantrums!

    $11.95 As low as: $9.95

    The Tantrums! Quick Reference Guide provides you with a brand new perspective and a specific, straightforward management plan for this aggravating problem. 

    In Tantrums! Managing Meltdowns in Public and Private, you will learn:

    •  The three main causes of tantrums
    •  The two goals of tantruming children
    •  The problem with distraction and reasoning
    •  The power of the “The Ten-Second Rule”
    •  A four-step process for meltdown management
    •  How to handle tantrums in public

    This Quick Reference Guide is ideal for parent and staff training.

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  4. When Parents Expect Too Much

    $8.95 As low as: $7.49

    Your kids are little. Both their bodies and their brains are still growing. So, it’s important to be realistic and not set yourself and your kids up for conflict

    In the 1-2-3 Magic When Parents Expect Too Much Quick Reference Guide you will learn:

    •  What percentage of 4-year-olds lie
    •  The age at which most children stop taking naps
    •  How long a 3-year-old (who is full) can sit still at the dinner table
    •  How many times 3-7-year-olds fight per hour
    •  The surprisingly high percentage of preschoolers who are picky eaters
    •  The percentage of 3-year-olds who have daily tantrums.

    The When Parents Expect Too Much: The Dirty Dozen Quick Reference Guide describes the 12 mistaken parental hopes that cause the most trouble. You’ll want to memorize these developmental milestones so you can be fair to your kids — and to yourself!

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  5. Big Dog vs. Underdog Parenting Styles

    $5.95 As low as: $4.95

    Anyone who is a parent knows that the job is tough, and the problem of “How do I manage my kids?” is intensified for parents in our contemporary rush-rush, worry-worry world. When parents don’t quite know what they’re doing, they tend to shoot from the hip. This can lead to two opposite, and out-of-control parenting styles, neither of which is good for children. Underdog parents whimper; Big Dog parents bite.

    In Big Dog vs. Underdog Parenting Styles, you will learn:

    •  What Underdog parenting is
    •  What Big Dog parenting is
    •  The adult outcomes of these two opposite parenting styles
    •  The importance of a straightforward, though not easy, parental attitude adjustment

    This Quick Reference Guide teaches the differences between the two parenting styles, and how each might effect your desired outcomes with your children.

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  6. Bedtime and Nighttime Waking

    $8.95 As low as: $7.49

    The Bedtime and Nighttime Waking Quick Reference Guide will describe in plain English how to establish a calm and orderly bedtime routine. And if the children wake up at night, you will learn how to handle the situation in a manner that keeps both you and the kids drowsy. That ensures that you all get back to sleep quickly!

    This convenient and colorful 4-page laminated guide clearly explains the following:

    •  How do you get the kids to bed?
    •  How do you get the children to stay in bed?
    •  What are the two chief reasons kids get up after “lights out”?
    •  What if the kids wake up in the middle of the night?

    Get the kids to bed—and get them to stay there!

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  7. Whining & Pouting

    $8.95 As low as: $7.49

    Children’s whining and pouting can drive some parents to distraction. There are a few youngsters who deserve academy awards for their performances! Many parents dread saying “no” to their kids—or not giving the children what they want—because of the threat of the Whining and Pouting Tidal Wave that will result.

    In the Whining & Pouting Quick Reference Guide you will learn:

    •  What causes whining and pouting
    •  What choices kids have when confronted with parental requests
    •  How adults accidentally reinforce whining and pouting
    •  How to manage your own audio and video responses
    •  How and when consequences can help.

    Whining and pouting are not really the end of the world, but actually normal kids” protests that can be managed effectively with a calm, decisive and consistent strategy.

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  8. Dinnertime

    $5.95 As low as: $4.95

    The idea of suppertime may be a nice one, but the reality is often much different. For one thing, parents are tired from working all day and the kids are tired from school. On top of that, add a little sibling rivalry, a finicky eater (or two), and kids who don’t want to sit still at the table, and now you’ve got a recipe for a very disagreeable state of affairs.

    This convenient and colorful 2-page laminated guide clearly explains the following:

    •  How to establish a good plan for eating together.
    •  Tips to eliminate nagging at the table by making sure your kids are ready to eat.
    •  Get your kids to eat more spontaneously and naturally

    The Dinnertime Quick Reference Guide will help you enjoy both the food and your kids again!

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  9. Apologies

    $5.95 As low as: $4.95

    All parents realize how important good social skills are, both for themselves and for their children. Parents sometimes demand that their kids apologize when the children have offended another person. In the Apologies Quick Reference Guide, we examine the wisdom of this adult strategy.

    In the Apologies Quick Reference Guide, you will learn:

    •  Why do parents ask children to apologize?
    •  What is the connection between apologies and punishment?
    •  What’s the difference between a heartfelt and a hypocritical apology?
    •  How do you “teach” children sympathy or empathy?

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  10. Room Wreckers

    $5.95 As low as: $4.95

    Your child is running your house. You feel like you’re walking on egg shells all the time and you dare not do anything to cross your “little monster”. Saying “No” to a request from this child ignites World War III, and going out in public is often an exercise in self-humiliation.

    The Room Wreckers Quick Reference Guide explains:

    •  How to search your soul to determine your readiness to change
    •  How to feel comfortable exercising your authority
    •  How to avoid silly discussions and explanations
    •  How to manage room wrecking during "rest periods."

    This Quick Reference Guide explains how one couple got their nine-year-old son to switch from monster to cooperator. And how you can do the same!

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