Managing Difficult Behavior

dad sitting next to his daughter who is upsetdad sitting next to his daughter who is upset

1-2-3 Magic Resources for Managing Difficult Behavior

When your child is upset, anxious, or angry, keeping your cool is half the battle. It’s a way for you to put out the fire by throwing water on the flames, rather than fan it by adding more fuel from your own emotional tank. 1-2-3 Magic helps parents manage difficult child behavior by providing solutions that help reduce emotional stress, make better decisions, and not respond with a knee-jerk reaction when your child pushes your buttons. 

Managing Difficult Behavior with Dr. Phelan

Ask Dr. Phelan: Hitting

Ask Dr. Phelan: Cussing

Counting Obnoxious BehaviorCounting Obnoxious Behavior

Counting Obnoxious Behavior Seminar

In this seminar you will learn:

  •  What counting is and when to use it
  • How to get started with counting in your house
  • The ages of kids that counting will work for
  • The #1 most important thing for parents to remember when using counting

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