Positive Child Discipline

father and son sitting and talkingfather and son sitting and talking

1-2-3 Magic Resources for Positive Discipline

Parenting doesn’t have to be about threats, screaming, or a battle with winners and losers. Positive discipline teaches that kids can—and will—behave without threats, bribes, yelling, and physicality. 1-2-3 Magic gives you the resources to end the parenting challenge, and build a stronger, more peaceful connection with your child.

Positive Discipline with Dr. Phelan

Ask Dr. Phelan: Not Listening

Ask Dr. Phelan: Timeout Alternatives

Encouraging Positive BehabiorEncouraging Positive Behabior

Encouraging Positive Behavior Seminar

In this seminar you will learn:

  • The difference between Start and Stop behaviors
  • Seven tactics to encourage Start behaviors
  • How to take that Start (good) behavior to the next level and teach your kids not only to listen, but to take initiative

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