little girl crying in front of her momlittle girl crying in front of her mom

1-2-3 Magic Resources for Tantrums

Children do not outgrow temper tantrums. They learn, with the help of parents and caregivers, to control them. This does not happen automatically, however. If parents leave tantrums unchecked, your toddler will turn into a petulant child, a demanding teenager, and then finally an obstinate adult and difficult spouse. The 1-2-3 Magic Parenting Program is designed to help parents cool the meltdowns and bring tantrums to an end.

Tantrums with Dr. Phelan

Tantrums! Why They Happen and How to Handle Them

Tantrums: managing meltdowns in public and in privateTantrums: managing meltdowns in public and in private

Tantrums: Managing Meltdowns In Public and In Private

In this 1-hour class you will learn:

  • The 3 main causes of tantrums
  • The 2 goals of tantruming children
  • The power of the 10-second rule
  • How to handle tantrums in public

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