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The Parenting Myths to STOP Believing

There are things you believe about parenthood before you become a parent, expectations you have about how a child is going to change your life. But some of the things we believe are myths--because we don't know any better--and some of those myths can be harmful.

If you believe any of these 8 myths, you may find yourself frustrated with your partner or your children without really understanding why. When that happens, use it as an opportunity to pause, think about why you're upset, and try to understand if it's because of an action, or because of an expectation you had (but never discussed). 

What are the 8 parenting myths Dr. Phelan talks about?

February 18, 2021

ALl About ADHD: What It Is, What To Do

This week we are talking all about ADHD. Often, parents of kids with ADHD will describe them as "being driven by a motor," which can be exhausting as a parent trying to keep up with your child! 

So what do you do about it? And how do you know the difference between normal childhood energy and possibly early ADHD indicators?

January 28, 2021

Tantrums: What's Better Than Stopping A Tantrum?

One of the most frustrating and potentially embarrassing things our kids can do is have a tantrum. Whether it's stressing you out at home, or you are hunching your shoulders against the looks you fear you'll get if your child has a tantrum in the grocery store, it's never fun.

January 28, 2021

Kids, Sports, and Building Resilience

One of the things that we talk about a lot is that there isn't really a "parent training certification course." You train for most any other job, but when it comes to parenting, you're expected to largely figure it out.
Kelly realized that a lot of the skills you need to be a great parent were things that she had been teaching for years... to business leaders.
January 28, 2021

We Were All Thinking It: Frequently Asked Parenting Questions

Being a parent can feel pretty lonely sometimes, especially if you're having trouble getting your little one to listen, to go to bed, or they are fighting and yelling. 

But one thing that is true about parenting is that no matter how on-an-island you might feel in the moment, a lot of other parents are having similar challenges. You are doing your best, and you are not alone. 

There are some parenting questions that are pretty universal, or at least very common. This week, Dr. Phelan answers questions from real parents on some common parenting issues.

January 21, 2021
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