4 Parenting Styles

4 Parenting Styles

There are quizzes galore out there - What dessert best represents you? What book character are you? What is your super-villain alter-ego? 

All of those are fun, but do you know what your parenting style is? That can impact your relationship with your kids now, and it will effect who they become when they grow up.

This week we're talking about three common parenting styles that may not have the effect you're hoping for in your house, and the one parenting style we want to strive for. 

We'll be discussing:

  • The 4 different parenting styles
  • What each style looks like at home
  • How they can affect your child as they grow up
  • The one thing most likely to get in the way of being the kind of parent you want to be

No matter what parenting style you have now, if you're reading this, we're willing to bet that you're doing a good job!

October 22, 2020
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