How to Encourage Good Behavior

When parents first start looking for behavior solutions, they are usually looking to stop bad or obnoxious behaviors. The other side of that coin is working on encouraging kids to do good things, and the things they are supposed to be doing like finishing their homework, getting ready to go in the morning, and eating their dinner.


In this video, Dr. Phelan answers the following questions:

  • The difference between stopping a bad behavior and encouraging a good one

  • The most powerful tool to get good behavior from your kids

  • Tips, tricks, and strategies

What are some of the areas where parents have the most 

Bedtime. Bedtime is actually two positive behaviors in one: going to bed and staying in bed. Not knowing what to do at bedtime causes a lot of frusturation with parents and kids.


What is the most powerful tool parents can use to encourage good behavior?

Dr. Phelan says setting up routines helps encourage good behavior, but the most powerful tool parents can use is praise. While the kids are doing the routine, you want to tailor the praise to the child. 


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October 14, 2021
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