1-2-3 Magic Teen (4th Edition) & DVD Package

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Published: August 2004
Published: November 2016
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Adolescents don’t have to drive you crazy!

Living with a teenager is no picnic. There are times when you must bite your tongue as they push towards independence. Or, if you sense there is trouble, there are times when you must take charge. The 1-2-3 Magic Teen (4th Edition) & DVD Package gives parents a step-by-step approach that will help end the hassles and offer concrete solutions.

In 1-2-3 Magic Teen (4th Edition), you will learn:

  • What is normal adolescent behavior
  • How to manage the adolescent snub
  • Exactly what problems require your “letting go”
  • The Four Cardinal Sins (what not to do)
  • The relationship between parent/teen communication and safety
  • The five ways to improve your relationship
  • What role to take: Observer, Advisor, Negotiator, Director
  • How to have dinner with a teen
  • From fashion to passion: guidelines to specific problems

Concise and encouraging, Surviving Your Adolescents does not assume that parents of teens have infinite amounts of time, energy or patience. Dr. Phelan’s message is clear: you are neither alone or powerless.

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